Invite Many People to Enjoy a Festive Thanksgiving Meal and Activities? Get a Party Tent

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Invite Many People to Enjoy a Festive Thanksgiving Meal and Activities? Get a Party Tent

22 October 2018
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Hearty slices of turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, comforting words, and laughter are all parts of a festive Thanksgiving gathering. If you plan on extending your invitations to many people this holiday, a party tent will allow you to accommodate everyone.

Learn about Various Tent Styles

Not all tent types are the same. A basic canvas canopy is rudimentary in style but is able to get the job done by providing an overhead barrier. A pitched tent or one that contains a pointy top is a more stylish option that may include full-length fabric sides and several entry points. Then, of course, there is the pop-up canopy. This type of enclosure can be used by itself or aligned with other pop-ups to provide guests with a larger dining and entertainment space. When reserving a tent, inquire about rental packages that include dinner tables, folding chairs, and lighting that can be used to fill the dining space for the Thanksgiving celebration.

Use an Assembly-Line Method for Food Preparation and Serving

If you have never cooked food for a slew of people before, don't subject yourself to long hours in the kitchen. Recruit a few of your loved ones as food preparation helpers and servers. If the tent is being set up on your property, it only makes sense that you utilize your kitchen as the area where meal preparations take place so that you and your helpers can quickly move finished dishes outside and set them up on a table that is under the tent.

Once all of the food is arranged across a table, continue to use the assembly-line method. Have each person be responsible for a particular dish. As the guests line up and walk across the front of the table, each helper can dish out food.

Have Some Good, Old-Fashioned Fun

Create a game area underneath the tent that includes classic activities that are suitable for any age. Burlap sack races, horseshoes, and tug-of-war are some activities that will provide a challenge and laughter. Just make sure that the area that you choose to use is not near the dining or serving tables and chairs.

You can always ask everyone to pitch in with the cleaning necessities right before the games are to begin. This way, all of the leftovers will be securely stored inside your kitchen and you can focus solely on having a good time with everyone who attended your festive gathering. 

Contact a party rental service for more information about renting a party tent and other items.