Three Ways to Keep Your Guests on the Dance Floor at Your Reception

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Three Ways to Keep Your Guests on the Dance Floor at Your Reception

16 October 2018
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The wedding ceremony is a momentous and heartfelt occasion. However, the reception is all about having a good time. Not only do you want to have a great time, but you also want your guests to share a similar experience. So, quite naturally you've chosen a reception venue that has a dance floor. Now, the only task you have is to get everyone up and moving on your special day. Here are some tips that may be able to help.

Hire a DJ

A great party starts with music, but not just any music—the right selections. Many people believe that turning on the radio or plugging in an iPod is enough to get the party going, but that's not necessarily the case. Music selections should be based on the mood of the crowd and the pace of the event. 

A professional DJ will be able to tell when it's time to slow things down or when your guests need a little boost to get excited. You can give the DJ guidelines concerning the type of music or particular songs you want to be played, but leave everything else up to their expertise.

Make Room

Ensure the venue allows for a dance floor that provides ample room for your guests. If the space is too small, you will create the opposite effect of your goal, in that you will discourage people from dancing. To determine the size of the floor, first, consider the guest list. Next, figure around how many people on the list will actually dance. 

Most planning professionals have square footage guidelines that help you determine how much dancing space is recommended per person, such as 4 feet per person. Your planner can take this information and come up with a figure, and you can use the number to gauge whether or not the dance floor in a prospective venue is the appropriate size. 

Be a Leader

A wedding day is all about the couple in every way. If the couple is having a great time, the same energy will be transferred to every guest in the room. You and your partner should be leaders. If you want everyone to dance, you too need to head out to the dance floor.

Hire a great planner, take your time to choose the right venue, and hire a team of vendors so that you can spend your reception on the dance floor having a great time and not stressing about the day. 

Your wedding is a day that is all about you and your partner. Plan your event and consider wedding venues in your area that will put your love on display and ensure everyone has a fabulous time.