Tips That Will Make Catering For Your Wedding Less Stressful

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Tips That Will Make Catering For Your Wedding Less Stressful

17 October 2018
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Catering for your wedding can be stressful, and if you do not plan carefully, you may end up having too little food or go over budget and have too much food. If you have been struggling to cater for your wedding, then you will find the following tips helpful for making sure everything goes smoothly on your big day.

Keep Your Menu in Season

Bear in mind the season in which your wedding will take place. While you may want to include foods that may not be in season, it is always better not to do this if you are on a tight budget. This is because getting foods that are not in season may require them to be imported or come from somewhere out of town. This means more expense for you.

Create A Theme

Creating a theme for your wedding can make it easier to decide on the type of menu that that will be served. It will also help you to plan your budget properly. Try to have several themes in mind that you can share with your caterer at the outset. This will make it easier for them to come up with proposed meal plans and this can save you a lot of time.

Find Out the Dietary Requirements of Your Guests

Although it is your big day and you want to include your favorite foods, remember that you will be sharing it with others, so you must take their needs into consideration. You may have guests that are vegetarian, on a special diet due to their health, or they may have preferences based on their religious affiliation. When people RSVP for your wedding ask them to tell you if they have special dietary needs.

Remember Those Not Officially on Your Guest List

There are many people that help to make a wedding a success. It is only polite to feed some of the important people who were not on the "official" list. These people may be photographers and musicians. Depending on the nature of your wedding you may have other people present helping you. Include these people in your budget when planning your catering.

Catering for your wedding need not be stressful if you plan carefully and take your budget, your tastes and the needs of your guests into consideration when planning your menu. Look carefully at the ideas presented here, use them and you should reduce the stress of catering for your wedding. For more information, contact your local wedding catering services.