Planning Your Wedding? 4 Details to Figure Out When You Get Catering

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Planning Your Wedding? 4 Details to Figure Out When You Get Catering

19 October 2018
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When you get engaged, you can start looking forward to the wedding day. But, in the meantime, you will have an opportunity to do all sorts of planning to make sure the wedding is incredible. A huge decision to make is figuring out how to provide food for everyone at the reception. By considering several important details regarding your wedding, you should be able to pick catering services that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Total Guest Count

The number of people that go to your wedding will play a huge role in your catering experience. If you are interested in some smaller caterers, they may not be able to accommodate your wedding if you intend to have a rather large guest count, like over one hundred people.

While you will find it beneficial to figure out exactly how many people will be attending your wedding, you may have several people who are not a guarantee. To alleviate concerns, you may want to go with a buffet-style meal that allows people to get as much food as they desire. Even if all the possible guests show up, you can be sure there will be enough food at the reception.

Cuisine Type

While looking at caterers, you may find some that are experts in a single type of cuisine. But, if you are interested in providing greater meal flexibility to your guests, you may want to look for caterers that are confident in their ability to prepare dishes in a large variety of cuisines. This will help you feel better knowing that every dish at the reception will possess the same quality.


If you are reserving a wedding venue and getting a wedding package, you will have a varying number of services being provided. Even if you are organizing your own catering service, the wedding venue may have all the staffing that you will need to distribute the meals. When this is not provided, you will want to find a caterer that can provide enough staff at the wedding.


Another thing that a wedding venue may provide is equipment for serving food. For instance, the caterer that you hire may only need to bring the food if the venue has utensils, serving trays, and more than enough tables to handle the dishes that will be served during the reception.

Hiring a caterer with these details in mind will help you have a great reception dining experience. Contact event caterers like Benedict's Catering & Events for more information.