Three Essential Items To Have For An Awareness-Raising March

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Three Essential Items To Have For An Awareness-Raising March

19 October 2018
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Organizing a march with the goal of raising awareness about a cause that is important to you can be an effective way to reach out to the community. There are a lot of logistics to get figured out before your march, including the route that you'll take and the time that you'll conduct the march for maximum exposure. Given the importance of this event, you want to do all that you can to catch people's attention and encourage them to learn about your cause. There are lots of ways to accomplish this goal, but you'll need to ensure that you have these three essential items.


You can catch the attention of people as you perform your march, but unless you actually have something to give them, you may not be maximizing the opportunity to spread your message. Make sure that you get a number of brochures or other similar promotional materials printed up in advance of the event. When your group gathers at the march site, distribute these materials among the group, making especially sure that those who will be walking along the outer edges of the pack have the most handouts. This way, they can pass this material to anyone along the route who may be interested.


People may see your march taking place from a distance, but unless they're able to tell what you're marching about, you can't count on them coming closer. One way to catch the attention of people from afar is with signs. Making up a series of professional-caliber signs and distributing them to the people in your group will make your march more visible and thus more effective. People should hold their signs at different angles as they march so that anyone around the area can see at least one sign and get a sense of what the march is about.


It's fine if your group's participants have strong vocal chords, but you can't compete with traffic sounds and other standard noises in the city. You should ensure that there are a couple of loudspeakers among your group. Give them to those who are most comfortable with public speaking and who can do a good job of spreading your message. Be wary of getting too many devices of this nature — too much noise can reduce the ability of people to hear and understand your message because one speaker will drown out another.

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