Child Trying Out For High School Football? How To Keep Them Safe During Training Camp

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Child Trying Out For High School Football? How To Keep Them Safe During Training Camp

24 October 2018
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If your child has decided to play high school football next year, now's the time to start with the preparation. Their summer is going to be filled with non-stop practices, drills, and scrimmages. If they're not prepared, they're going to be at risk for increased accidents and injuries. Here are four steps you can take to make sure your child is ready for football training camp next summer.

Provide Thorough Medical Records

If your child will be playing high school football, you'll need to provide the coach with thorough medical records. It's not enough for you to provide the annual sports physical, which will be required. When it comes to keeping your child safe while they're playing high school football, you need to make sure that they have a complete physical by their primary care physician. Providing thorough medical records will help the coach ensure your child's safety on the field.

Encourage Proper Hygiene

Teenagers don't always worry about personal hygiene. However, while your child is playing high school football, proper personal hygiene is essential, especially during summer training camps. Failure to shower and change into fresh undergarments – including underwear and socks – after each workout, could lead to skin irritations that will interfere with training. Use this upcoming year to get your child in the habit of showering at least twice a day and changing clothes after a good workout.

Insist on all Safety Equipment

If your child will be participating in a summer football training camp, make sure they'll have the proper safety equipment from a company like Power Drive Training Products LLC. Playing contact football without the proper gear can lead to serious injuries. If the school will not be providing all essential safety gear, obtain a list of the required items start collecting them now. That way, when summer camp arrives, your child will have all the gear they need to keep them safe on the field.

Take all Injuries Seriously

When it comes to football, you need to take all injuries seriously, even the ones that your child feels are minor. This is particularly important when it comes to any type of head injury. If your child is injured during summer football camp or during the actual football season, take them to be seen by your primary care physician. That way, you know that your child has received a clean bill of health and that there aren't any hidden medical concerns for you to worry about.