Are You Planning Your Daughter's Spring Wedding at Your Home?

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Are You Planning Your Daughter's Spring Wedding at Your Home?

25 October 2018
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Have you heard that it takes an entire year to plan a wedding? Well, that could be true, but it doesn't have to be true, does it? Even though spring is only a few short months away, you can still plan a wedding and a wedding reception that your daughter and her fiancé will remember for the rest of their lives. Will you be having the wedding event at your own home? From obtaining frame tents to planning the decorations, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Frame Tent - Since you are planning a spring wedding for your daughter, you are more than likely planning to have at least part of the event in your backyard. If so, consider buying at least one frame tent for the occasion. Of course, you could rent the frame tent, but they are so affordable that you might as well buy one that you can use for other events that you host at your house. Will the ceremony be held outside? If so, consider having one frame tent that is set up solely for that part of the wedding event.

How many guests are you planning to invite? If the wedding will be a more intimate one, say with only family members and close friends in attendance, then a smaller frame tent will more than likely be suitable. If you're planning a large wedding, of course, a large frame tent will be needed. Consider the color you want to buy. You could choose white, and that would be perfect for the wedding. However, any other color would work, too. For example, if you chose blue for the tent, it could be decorated with garlands of faux flowers to give it a festive wedding look.

The Decorations - Since you have decided to hold your daughter's wedding event at your house, that must mean that you have a lovely backyard. Still, you'll more than likely want to enhance it with wedding decorations. Will the wedding take place in the evening? If so, consider having lights everywhere; string lights in the trees and have them as part of the table centerpieces. If it will be a daytime wedding, think flowers. Besides the flowering plants that will be growing in your garden, consider placing them on all of the tables and anywhere else you can find a place to put them. Whether the wedding is a daytime one or an evening one, think of having framed pictures of the bride and groom in strategic places.