Tips To Make Your Outdoor Event Successful And Simple

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Tips To Make Your Outdoor Event Successful And Simple

27 October 2018
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Planning an outdoor event comes with more issues to plan for than hosing an indoor event. If you've never hosted an outdoor event, it's time to start planning for the many things that can go wrong, so you can help prevent mishaps from occurring. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you prepare.

Look into Rentals

If you don't have enough tables and chairs for all of your guests, look into rentals for the day. Event table rentals will help to make the event seem more planned – less thrown together and it will reduce the stress you feel during the days leading up to the big day.

One thing to remember when setting up tables and chairs on grassy surfaces is that the feet can sink into the soft soil. This can be prevented by using some scraps of plywood under the feet of the tables. The chairs are more difficult to stabilize because they are going to be moved about, but if the ground is very soft, you'd do well to find some sort of wood to put down for the event or move the seating to a paved or graveled area.

Another rental to consider is a tent. You never know what the weather will do the day of your event. It could be raining or it could be sunny – either way, having a shelter in place for your guests will eliminate the chances of everything getting ruined if things get wet or too hot.

Plates, Cups, Napkins and Silverware

You don't have to spend hours in the kitchen washing dishes after the event has come to an end. Instead, look for disposable plates, napkins, silverware and cups. You might have excluded disposable items from your list because of how "tacky" it might seem to serve food on Styrofoam or paper, but there are some really great products on the market today that don't appear to be disposable at all.

You can find plasticware that looks like silverware and is even durable enough to cut and eat the toughest foods. Plates are made to look like real, glass dishes. Plastic champagne flutes, goblets and wine glasses can all be found as well.

You want to keep things simple, but you don't want to oversimplify. These tips will help you avoid some of the disasters that can happen when you plan an outdoor event. Hopefully, you'll find the time to enjoy the event that you're working so hard to plan.