4 Things To Tell The DJ About Your Wedding Reception

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4 Things To Tell The DJ About Your Wedding Reception

14 December 2018
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The DJ plays an important role in a wedding reception. You might not think so, but the DJ keeps the party going, keeps the peace, and ensures that you and your partner have a momentous and joyous occasion. However, to help the DJ pull off this masterpiece, there does need to be a little coordination. Learn some of the helpful information you should share with your DJ to ensure you have an awesome time. 

1. First Dance 

Sure, you know that you need to share the name of your first dance with the DJ, but make sure you also tell him or her when to play the song. A great way to throw off the entire evening is to have the DJ play the song before you're ready. Speak with the wedding coordinator to find out about what time you and your new spouse will be ready for the dance and share the information with the DJ.

2. Crowd Climate

Make sure your DJ knows a little about the type of people that will attend your reception. For instance, is it a more conservative crowd or a group of family and friends that will be ready to party all night. Sharing this information helps the DJ coordinate a set list beforehand and will let him or her know how they should interact with the crowd. 

3. Pronunciation

The DJ often doubles as the master of ceremony. Avoid hurt feelings and a period of awkwardness by telling the DJ how to pronounce any challenging names. You might even write their name on a piece of paper, as it sounds, in case they forget. Not only will sharing this information keep your guests more comfortable, but it will also make the job of the DJ easier. 

4. Song Requests

You and your partner should determine beforehand whether you will allow your guests to make a song request. Once you have the decision, share the information with the DJ so that he or she will already know what to do. If you do allow for requests, you might ask the DJ to prepare a request list with songs that you approve so that you don't have to worry about anything offensive being played at your reception. 

Ensure you share this information with your DJ and anything else you can think of. The more the DJ knows about what you want for your reception, the better the experience for you and your guests.