Three Benefits Of Using A Throwable Microphone

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Three Benefits Of Using A Throwable Microphone

10 October 2019
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When you visit an AV rental company to rent a microphone or two, you'll often be surprised at just how many microphones are available. While a traditional wireless mic or a lapel mic can be suitable for a variety of activities, you may be interested in checking out a throwable microphone if your local AV company has some available. Throwable microphones are relatively new and are generally shaped like a cube that is made of foam. They're designed to be used in events in which many people need to speak. The premise is that you speak into this microphone and then throw it to whoever needs to speak next. Here are some benefits of using a throwable microphone.

It Adds Fun

There's little doubt that the addition of a throwable microphone to any event immediately adds a strong sense of fun. Business meetings can often be stale, with those who run them often looking for ways to lighten the mood. Having a throwable microphone on hand can definitely catch the attention of your attendees and send a clear message that even though this is a work event, it's one at which they can have fun. Your meeting's attendees will have fun tossing the microphone cube to one another over and over throughout the event.

It Encourages Collaboration

A strong degree of collaboration can benefit many types of meetings, but it can be a challenge if some of those in attendance do not wish to speak up. If a lot of people don't want to speak, this attitude can be infectious — and, before long, you may struggle to get anyone involved. The unique nature of a throwable microphone can often encourage collaboration among those in attendance. You may find that some people will make an effort to contribute to the meeting, even if it's for the chance to catch the microphone, speak into it, and then toss it to someone else.

It Makes For An Unforgettable Event

There's a good chance that many of the people in attendance at your event won't yet have seen a throwable microphone. This means that your event will instantly become memorable for them as the first place that they encountered this device. The use of your throwable microphone may give you a reputation as someone who seeks unique and creative ideas for making your meetings memorable, and this may help to encourage attendance at any event that you're hosting in the future.

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