3 Fun Entertaining Ideas For Your Milestone Birthday Party

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3 Fun Entertaining Ideas For Your Milestone Birthday Party

26 November 2019
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If you are having a milestone birthday, such as your 30th, 40th, 50th, or 60th birthday, you want to do more than moan about getting older. You want to make sure that everyone, including yourself, has fun at the party. One way to ensure that your party is about more than just eating some food is by hiring some entertainment for the party.

Rent a Photo Booth

When you manage to get all your friends and family together, you want to make sure you capture the moments and memories together. A great way to capture time together and to create new memories is by renting a photo booth with props.

A basket full of props, such as hats, sunglasses, and other outfits and accessories can really make taking photos together fun. You can rent a photo booth, or you can hire someone to take pictures using an Instagram, which allows for photos to be printed out right there like a photo booth would.

Hire a Portrait Artist

You may want to consider hiring a portrait artist for the party. A portrait artist is someone who is really skilled at drawing faces and can complete a great looking portrait in a short amount of time. Portrait artists who work events often have a particular style of drawing.

They may create more cartoon style portraits, or they create more realistic styles of portraits. They may use paint, watercolors, or pen and ink.

When hiring a portrait artist for your milestone birthday, you may want to look at their portfolio to make sure that you like their style of artwork. You are also going to want to discuss with them and see if they are going to charge an hourly rate or a rate per portrait. You want to agree on a payment before the event.

Rent a Karaoke Machine

Another way to get everyone having some fun and working together is by renting a karaoke machine. A karaoke machine can be really fun for a big party with your close friends. You can sing your favorite songs together that remind you of your friendship and connection with all your friends.

When renting a karaoke machine, you want to make sure you rent a machine that has the songs you would enjoy singing. Machines come with a variety of songbooks, so make sure you rent one with songbooks that fit the type of songs you want to rock out to with friends at your party.

Have some fun and create some memories at your next milestone birthday by hiring a portrait artist, renting a karaoke machine, or renting a photo booth. These are three fun events that can make your special birthday party more memorable.

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