Options For Outdoor Bar Mitzvahs With An Earth-Friendly Theme

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Options For Outdoor Bar Mitzvahs With An Earth-Friendly Theme

22 January 2021
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There are several aspects that go into planning a Bar Mitzvah. This is especially true if the event will be held outdoors. One of the themes that is popular for outdoor events like this is to go with an Earth-friendly atmosphere. Here are a few options for Earth-friendly seating that party seating rentals and event seating rentals may be able to provide for the Bar Mitzvah.

Bamboo Seating

The misconception of bamboo is that it is a tree. Bamboo is actually a grass that is very sustainable. The bamboo grows quickly and is very strong and durable. This durability and sustainability have made it one of the more popular items for natural chair material. If you are looking for a natural and sustainable seating option that will fit into an outdoor earth-friendly themed Bar Mitzvah, then bamboo may be an ideal option.

Rattan Seating

Rattan seating is a popular form of outdoor furniture for various reasons. It has a natural grain look and can come in several colors to fit the different environments that you are in. It is also sustainably harvested which makes it an eco-friendly option for Earth-friendly themed Bar Mitzvahs and other events. The Rattan can come in the form of regular seating, folding chairs, and even in table format. If you do need to put in seating cushions for a more comfortable seating option, mini covers and fabric seating cushions are available from most party seating rentals.

Eucalyptus Slat Seating

Eucalyptus chairs are often used for outdoor patio and pool seating options. The eucalyptus is sustainably harvested and is an eco-friendly option grown to environmentally friendly standards. You can also find them in free trade options from Thailand and other similar countries. Eucalyptus flat chairs are available in folding options and regular seating options and can add a natural complementary look to outdoor-themed events.

Keep in mind when you contact your party seating rental company, that you will want to inform them that this will be for a Bar Mitzvah event. The reason for this is due to the dancing that takes place during the Bar Mitzvah. You will want to ensure that there are folding chairs that can be moved easily or that if regular seating is present, it can also be moved out of the way and stacked easily. You can discuss this with the party seating rental company during a consultation as well as discussing fees and any questions you have.