Clear Event Tent Styles And Decorating Ideas

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Clear Event Tent Styles And Decorating Ideas

24 June 2021
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A tent that contains clear vinyl panels will support the use of outdoor features as part of the ambiance your guests will enjoy during your next event. Choose the amount of coverage desired and some complementary decor that will help your guests feel as if they are unconfined during the social gathering.

The Amount Of Coverage

Pole and frame tents are often used during large group events. The incline of a peaked ceiling will be dependent upon the tent style as well as its overall size. Clear vinyl panels may be present along the top or sides of a rental. Some tents feature open sides or a combination of fabric and vinyl panels.

For all-over exposure, there are tent styles that feature clear paneling throughout. This type of tent will support panoramic views of the outdoors. With increased natural light, the amount of artificial light necessary will decrease. Even if an event is being held at night, soft, subtle lighting may be all that is needed to provide a romantic ambiance within the tent.

One drawback of choosing a tent that is constructed solely of clear panels is that the need for ventilation could be higher than if a tent with more coverage was utilized. This is especially true if a tent will be occupied on a sunny day and if there are no trees providing shade to the inside of the tent. 

The Setup

Choose the expanse of the property where you would like a tent set up. The greenery that surrounds the section where the tent will be erected may have a bearing on how the tent will ultimately be centered. Use permanent fixtures and tree limbs to aid with creating a vantage point that will be appealing to your guests.

Rent a clear top, clear side, or fully translucent tent style that will provide an unobstructed view of the features that you would like your attendees to enjoy during the event. If most of the outdoor items that are going to be within view are plants or trees that contain a distinct type of leaves or blooms, set up some complementary centerpieces or corner floor decorations that tie into the theme.

Use vases to create colorful centerpieces or used large potted greenery to add texture and dimension to the party space. Purchase some twinkling light strings and table lamps that can be used to accent the party area after the sun has set. If you have more questions about this equipment, contact a clear top tent rental company.