Save Time And Money With A Full Service Wedding Package

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Save Time And Money With A Full Service Wedding Package

8 November 2021
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Are you in the process of choosing a place to have your wedding? At some point along your journey, you've probably considered a full-service venue. This option is being used by more and more couples nowadays, as it has many benefits over a DIY wedding.

What is a DIY wedding?

DIY stands for "do it yourself". This doesn't mean that you literally have to make everything from scratch by yourself; however. It just means that you, or a wedding planner, will be in charge of setting everything up for your big day.

With a DIY wedding, you'll be responsible for everything from the food to the flowers. When you book your venue, they will simply be providing you with a place to have your wedding. Everything else will be up to you.

What is a full-service wedding venue?

Typically, when you book a venue for your wedding, not much is included. With a full-service wedding venue, they will provide extra wedding-related services. They'll often handle the catering, serving, entertainment, cleanup, and more.

Is an all-inclusive wedding venue right for you?

Deciding between a full-service wedding venue and a DIY wedding will depend on your personal preferences. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much are you planning on spending on your wedding? 
  • Are you going to hire a wedding planner?
  • Do you have the time and passion necessary to plan and organize your wedding yourself?


The price difference between a DIY wedding and one that utilizes an all-inclusive venue will depend on the specific circumstances of the event. It's true that you can technically save money by having a low-key DIY wedding, without anything too extravagant. However, if you're planning on going all out anyway, you can save a lot of money with a full-service wedding venue.


One reason that people choose to go the DIY route for their wedding is to add a personal touch to the event. This can sometimes be difficult to do when the venue is handling most of the planning and preparation. However, a good full-service venue will have enough wiggle room in its process to allow you to add some of your own input.

Time and energy

Many couples choose a full-service venue to avoid spending all of their time and energy preparing for their wedding. Your wedding day is supposed to be special and memorable. Unfortunately, for many couples, it becomes stressful and time-consuming instead.

Reach out to an organization or venue that offers full-service wedding packages like A Day to Remember Event Planning to learn more.