Pipe And Drape Stand Storage

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Pipe And Drape Stand Storage

10 May 2022
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If you will be attending a lot of event venues that will require the use of a pipe and drape stand, you may need a reliable storage solution that will preserve fabrics and metal components that comprise the pipe and drape stand equipment that you own. Storage solutions should provide adequate protection from the weather and a viable way to transport the stored materials.

Custom Bags

A supplier of pipe and drape stands may sell custom bags that are designed to fit a particular product line. A standard pipe and drape stand set will contain metal poles, one or more pieces of fabric, and hardware. Some stands may contain a collapsible feature, which will allow metal poles and brackets to be compacted.

If you purchase a stand set that can be compacted, the storage bag that you will need won't be very large. This may make it possible for you to carry the stand equipment to each event that you will be attending.

Vacuum Sealing

The fabric should look fresh and brilliant during each event that you will be hosting. Since a line of luxury fabrics is often used to make drapes for a stand, proper storage will prevent mildew, stains, and wrinkles from affecting the appearance of the fabric panels. A vacuum sealer can be used to remove air from plastic bags that are designed to be used with a vacuum. This storage process will result in a compact bag that contains neatly folded fabric pieces.

Before you store drape panels, launder and dry the fabric. Inspect each panel for signs of damage. Stitch any holes and use scissors to remove stray strands of the fabric. The subsequent events that you attend will not be affected by the poor condition of one or more of the fabric panels.

Storage Containers And A Transport System

A set of storage containers can be used to store pipe pieces and fabric panels separately. Place clean, dry stand materials inside of each storage container. Use lids to provide the containers with an airtight seal. Label the outside of each container. Use a dolly to transport the pipe and drape components to each event venue.

Use a small storage box to keep hardware pieces that are essential for setting up the fabric panels and stand. If you often run short on time when setting up for an event, acquire a list of directions needed to set up the stand equipment. The directions may save you time when you are preparing your equipment at each event venue.