Creative Chair Rental Ideas For Wedding Receptions

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Creative Chair Rental Ideas For Wedding Receptions

9 August 2022
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When planning a wedding reception, making sure that all of your guests have a place to comfortably sit is a priority. The right chairs can serve as both decor and logistical elements, which may end up saving you money.

If you're trying to decide on what type of seating to rent for your reception, consider how many guests you have and the size of the venue. You may have to adjust your preferences if you want larger chairs in a smaller space. There are also certain types of chairs that take up less visual space, making a venue with limited space appear roomier. 

Since there are many event rental companies available, you should have no problem finding the right type of chairs for your big day. If your wedding takes place during a busy time of year, such as during the summer months or the holiday season, reserve the chairs as soon as possible. 

If you're on a tight wedding planning budget, the good news is that you can easily dress up basic chairs with decor pieces to instantly elevate the look. You can also customize that chair to coordinate with the event theme or color scheme. 

Here are some creative chair rental ideas for your wedding reception:

1. Ghost Chairs

Ghost chairs are typically made of clear acrylic and have a sleek, modern, see-through appearance. These types of chairs are ideal for small spaces since they appear to almost disappear when pushed against tables. 

The chairs usually have silver legs, but some may also have gold or even glittery legs for a decorative look. They look best with clear glass tables or even rustic wood tables for a casually elegant look.

2. Colorful Chairs 

Chiavari chairs are popular seating elements for wedding receptions and any other event. They have a streamlined, classic look that works with almost any type of table. Although they usually come in the neutral colors of black, white, and brown, you can also find them with elegant silver and gold finishes. 

If colorful chairs are more your style, you can also find Chiavari chairs in a rainbow of hues, such as yellow, all shades of blue, pink, red, green, and purple. Match the chairs to the reception theme, such as turquoise- and sand-colors seating elements for a beach-inspired event. 

As another option, dress up simply-colored chairs with visually appealing cushions or sashes, which you can tie into large bows in the back as a romantic touch. 

To learn more, contact a company that provides chair rentals