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Anyone can plan a baby shower, but making that baby shower interesting and fun is another challenge altogether. I didn't used to worry too much about creating events that really caught people's attention, but after I started focusing on event planning, it became clear to me that I had some work to do. I found a great company that offered rental items, and they came to my aid to make things better. It was really neat to explore the things they could help with, and I found myself renting things that would be real party pleasers. Check out this post for tips on making baby showers interesting.


3 Incentives To Book A Private Event Space For Your Birthday

9 March 2022
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Birthdays are special occasions that you shouldn't hesitate to celebrate because they offer you the opportunity to evaluate your life and appreciate the progress you've made over the past year. Celebrating your birthday is also a perfect excuse to get together and have fun with friends and family every year. And for significant milestones, you should spare no expense in ensuring that the party turns out exactly as you envisioned. A surefire way of guaranteeing you'll get your dream birthday celebration is booking a party event space. Read More …

What Are The Advantages Of Corporate Live Events?

13 January 2022
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Live events allow businesses to present new offerings to clients, build team camaraderie, and recognize advances within their industries. However, some people are unwilling or unable to gather together in person. Hosting events remotely can remove some of the human element from your corporate productions. Fortunately, there is an alternative to 100% remote events. Hybrid corporate live events allow businesses to reap the benefits of live and remote events simultaneously. An audio-visual hybrid service can record the video and audio from your event so it can be live-streamed to people who are not present. Read More …

Save Time And Money With A Full Service Wedding Package

8 November 2021
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Are you in the process of choosing a place to have your wedding? At some point along your journey, you've probably considered a full-service venue. This option is being used by more and more couples nowadays, as it has many benefits over a DIY wedding. What is a DIY wedding? DIY stands for "do it yourself". This doesn't mean that you literally have to make everything from scratch by yourself; however. Read More …

Clear Event Tent Styles And Decorating Ideas

24 June 2021
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A tent that contains clear vinyl panels will support the use of outdoor features as part of the ambiance your guests will enjoy during your next event. Choose the amount of coverage desired and some complementary decor that will help your guests feel as if they are unconfined during the social gathering. The Amount Of Coverage Pole and frame tents are often used during large group events. The incline of a peaked ceiling will be dependent upon the tent style as well as its overall size. Read More …

Options For Outdoor Bar Mitzvahs With An Earth-Friendly Theme

22 January 2021
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There are several aspects that go into planning a Bar Mitzvah. This is especially true if the event will be held outdoors. One of the themes that is popular for outdoor events like this is to go with an Earth-friendly atmosphere. Here are a few options for Earth-friendly seating that party seating rentals and event seating rentals may be able to provide for the Bar Mitzvah. Bamboo Seating The misconception of bamboo is that it is a tree. Read More …